Our Commitment

Prime Investment Advisors is dedicated to providing personalized portfolio management and comprehensive financial advisory services. Our goal is to offer independent and objective investment advice that is well researched, unbiased and from qualified professionals.

We are committed to establishing every portfolio individually. Unlike many investment managers, we develop each portfolio to reflect the unique investment objectives of each client.

We are committed to positioning your investments into portfolios designed to achieve reasonable returns relative to the risk that is appropriate to your situation.

We are committed to practicing with the utmost integrity. We are governed by the ethical standards of the AICPA®, the CFP® Board, the SEC and state regulatory commissions to be your advocate, to fully disclose all aspects of our business practices, to be independent and to avoid conflicts of interest.

We conform to the belief that it is in all parties best interest to achieve the most competitive net returns on your portfolio. This is accomplished in several ways, including offering a management fee structure that you can assess on your own as to its competitiveness. We, among industry experts, believe competitive fees contribute to higher net performance and we are committed to using this to your advantage.

As a Fiduciary

As an investment advisor, we have an affirmative duty of care, loyalty, honesty and good faith to act in the best interests of our clients. This includes:

  • Placing the interests of clients first;
  • Making investment decisions consistent with any mutually agreed upon client objectives and strategies;
  • Making full and fair disclosure to clients of all material facts about the advisory relationship, particularly regarding conflicts of interest; and
  • Respecting the confidentiality of client information.

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